We are building Qoris to offer Governance, Intelligence and Decision making in one seamless architecture.

* Indicates value to the Organization.

Qoris® 1.0

Benefit of Automation 1x

Using industry approved ERM framework and process aligned to COSO 2017 & ISO 31000, you will be able to identify and deal with risks in an organized manner and help save 25%-33% on FTE. Qoris 1.0 will improve your customers' confidence and legal defense as well as avoid early impacts and help with formulating better responses to risks.

Qoris® 2.0

Benefit of Optimization 2x

Expand risk management policies to incorporate organizational risk appetite, risk monitoring mechanisms and allocation of organization resources. Optimize the total cost of risk and costs by using TCOR, the Qoris optimization engine, and insurance integrations.

Qoris® 3.0

Benefit of Adjacencies 4x

Add value to your organization by integrating adjacent disciplines such as Audit, SOx/IFC, core or intelligence modules both internal and external to the company.

Qoris® One

Integrated Risk Management 10x

Qoris® One ERM provides a competitive advantage with seamless integration of multi-risk disciplines, risk information, and modules ensuring alignment between assurance team members, business, and organization.

Our Products

Qoris® ERM: Experience a simpler yet powerful way to deal with enterprise risks and decisions. Available in three variants : Comply, Quantify and Differentiate. Experience Industry leading onboarding in less than 4 weeks. Quantify is launching soon.

Qoris® Lite: All that Qoris® ERM Comply has to offer, only for younger Organizations. Access from anywhere in the world. Qoris Lite is expected to be launched in January 2023.