Qoris® ERM

Instantly get started on a very productive ERM journey by benefiting from the power of automation and from making your ERM process objective and person independent

Key features

  • Risks and concerns summary
  • Key risk indicators / metrics
  • Historical loss data
  • Detailed risk register
  • Linkages to P&L and Scorecard
  • Matrix-Structure friendly
  • Mobile and Desktop
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Qoris® Lite

If you want to get started on your ERM automation journey with a smaller footprint, Qoris® Lite is probably right for you. Start smaller, pay monthly and scale to the larger version in your own time.

Key features

  • Self-service mode
  • Web-only version
  • Limited users
  • For Younger organizations

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Are you Qoris® ERM ready?

  • You have a need to scale both in terms of coverage and access
  • You are looking at decentralizing accountability for risk management
  • You are comfortable with a process-driven function
  • You wish to invest more time in managing risks and less on managing risk information
  • Need for handing complexity of risk information and analytics is increasing by the day
  • You see responding faster and quicker to risks saves your organization costs

Get started on a productive risk management journey today.

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